Citrix Presentation Server Renamed to XenApp Server

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Warning     Citrix announced that they renamed Citrix Presentation Server (CPS) to XenApp Server!!

Citrix made a huge investment in XenSource (Citrix acquisition of XenSource with 500 million dollars) not only to compete in the Server Virtualization market but to be the out of the gate leader in the Virtual Desktop Market.  In order to do this they need to build value around the name Xen – and make it the most recognized name in virtualization.   

When you are talking about Application virtualization (server or client side) you are talking about XenApp, when you are talking about Server virtualization you are talking about XenServer, and when you discuss virtualized Desktops you are taling about XenDesktop.


Citrix and VMWare (Virtualization)

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VMware ESX Server offers many powerful features to Citrix administrators. Here is a glance at some of the most important features:

       Virtual machines may be administered centrally.You can manage an individual virtual machine or group of virtual machines remotely.

       Virtual machines are isolated.Each virtual machine operates independently of other virtual machines which run on thesame physical hardware. Any communication between virtual machines must beestablished explicitly. Crashing one virtual machine does not crash other virtual machines.Isolation is particularly useful for testing, controlling viruses and managing applicationsthat misbehave.

       Virtual machines can be configured to use hardware resources.Virtual machines offer complete control of hardware resources. You can configure virtualmachines running CPU-intensive applications to use one or two processors, and givevirtual machines with memory-intensive applications greater amounts of memory. In thisway, you manage the resources that applications use on a single physical machine tobalance the load between virtual machines, and take advantage of all processing powerand memory available.

       Virtual machines are easily copied and deployed.Once a virtual machine is created and configured, you can use it as a master from whichyou can create copies in minutes. The copies have the same operating system,configuration and applications, but have unique system identities.

       Virtual machines can be moved between physical machines.VMotion can transfer the entire system and memory state of a running virtual machinefrom one ESX Server machine to another. The transfer period is usually imperceptible tousers. This feature is useful for testing, deploying software (including Citrix and operatingsystems) across a large organization, and maintaining hardware without interruptingservice.

       Machines can be consolidated.Existing machines, including their various operating systems, can be virtualized andconsolidated onto fewer physical machines, maximizing resource usage and freeing upmachines, physical space and power.

IMA Kill SQL Script

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This script will terminate all IMA connections to an SQL 2000 database.

How to Use

1. Open the SQL Query Analyzer.

2. Load the script

3. Execute the script by pressing F5 or the execute button.

Security Restrictions – Must be a member of SQL’s sysadmin group.

Download at

Citrix: How To Speed Up The Logon And Log Off Process (Part 1)

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1.       If you have a large farm (Roughly 50 servers plus) then have a dedicated data collector. This will speed up the connection process and show you the login screen.

2.       If you use roaming profiles you need to check two things. Firstly how big is the profile, The bigger the profile the longer it will take to download. Also how many files are there, there should ideally be no more than 400 files. If you have lots of files this will also increase the log on time as the virus scanner needs to scan each file as it is loaded onto the server.

3.       On the client device disable the following if you don’t use them. Audio, Com port mapping, LPT ports, Printer

4.       Load up presentation server console, edit the published application. Click on “Client Options” and make sure the box is ticked for “Start this application without waiting for printers to be created”

5.       Create a simple load evaluator. Put as little evaluators as you can. I use just “server user load” A lot of people say you should also include “CPU Utlilzation” “ Memory Usage” “Page Swaps” But the more evaluators you put in the more the server has to process.

6.       Citrix policy’s can also be configured to speed up the login process. The first thing you can do is click on printing > Client printers > Auto-Creation, make sure “Auto-Create the clients default printer only” is selected.

Always install the latest print driver onto the server. If you have a HP printer go to and see if your printer is supported and also what driver version you need as a minimum.

7.       Load Citrix Connection Configuration. Edit the ICA protocol and click on client settings. Disable as many client mappings as you can. Don’t disable them in the citrix policy.

8.       Try to configure as little as you can in the citrix policy, The more you configure the more information needs to be processed at log on.

9.       Download and run “Autoruns” from SysInternals this nice program will show you everything on your server that runs when you log on.

Troubleshooting Printer Issues in Presentation Server 4.0

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As the Printing Architecture has been enhanced with the release of Presentation Server 4.0, there are some additional troubleshooting methods necessary to isolate printing issues that may arise.

A new service has been created to control Printer Management. The Citrix Print Manager Service (cpsvc.exe) controls the creation, deletion, and management of all client printers. The service logs on using the newly created Ctx_SmaUser account. This is a local account created on the installation or upgrade of Presentation Server 4.0. The permissions and rights granted to this user were designed to give the service the minimum permissions it needs to perform the tasks required of it, and nothing more.

The following techniques should be used in addition to those outlined in CTX681954 – Troubleshooting Citrix ICA Printer Autocreation.

Confirm the following:

        Is the Ctx_SmaUser a member of the Power Users group?

        Has any file system hardening taken place on the server, for instance, removal of the local Everyone group?

        Has the ICA listener been recreated? The Ctx_SmaUser is not added to the permissions of the listener when it is recreated. CTX106629 – Client Printers Fail to Autocreate in Presentation Server 4.0.

        Event Viewer Errors? CTX107273 – Error: Could not add printer connection to printer and Event ID 1114

        What Citrix Policies and or Microsoft Policies are in place?

        What DefaultPrnFlags if any are set under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Print. See CTX107059 – Advanced Concepts Guide for more information.

Print Jobs are Automatically Previewed on the Client Device

Certain applications do not apply print job settings properly. When printing from such applications, print jobs are automatically previewed on the client device. This fix detects such applications and suppresses the print preview unless the following registry key is set:


Name: DefaultPrgFlags


Data: 0x00008000

[From PSE400R01W2K3047][#129979] & [From PSE400R01W2K028][#129979]

Printers Do Not Autocreate 

Many autocreation issues can be caused by the removal of permissions or rights from the Ctx_SmaUser, or from any group of which the user is a part.

• To isolate permissions problems:

1.       Add the Ctx_SmaUser to the local administrators group or start the Citrix Print Manager Service using the Local System account.

2.       If after making this change, the printers begin to autocreate. You can then set the user back to its original configuration.

3.       Run filemom and regmon from SYSINTERNALS. Filter on the following executables: cpsvc.exe, wfshell.exe, rundll32.exe, and spoolsv.exe. Note any resources to which access is denied for the user account.

4.       Enable Windows Auditing. How To Enable and Apply Security Auditing in Windows 2000

Note: While setting the service to start with enhanced permissions is utilized for troubleshooting, it is not a recommended solution and is not a supported configuration.

• CTX106393 – Required Permissions and Rights for the Ctx_SmaUser Account can be used to recreate the user with the correct permissions.

• CTX106683 – Event ID 1116 Printer auto-creation failure. Reason: AddPrinter() failed with status 0x5

• CTX107445 – Event ID 1116 Printer autocreation failure. Reason: AddPrinter() failed with status 0x704

• CTX107838 – Event ID 1116 Printer autocreation failure. Reason: AddPrinter() failed with status 0x3EB

• CTX108284 – Event ID 1116 Printer autocreation failure. Reason: AddPrinter() failed with status 0x78A

• CTX111457 – Client Printers Fail to Autocreate with Event ID 1116 AddPrinter failed with Status 0x6be

• CTX111947 – Intermittent Client Printer Autocreation Failures

• Further, check to see if the Citrix Print Manager Service or the Print Spooler Service is started.

CTX106661 – Error 1069: The service did not start due to a logon failure when attempting to manually start either the Citrix SMA Service or the Citrix Print Manager Service

It is important to note that the Citrix Print Manager Service may terminate without causing a crash due to permissions problems noted above. Enabling Dr. Watson as the default debugger for the server can provide a user dump for the process that is crashing. Microsoft document 188296 details how to enable Dr. Watson as the default debugger. If the service is causing a dump, submit the Dr. Watson log file and user dump to Citrix Support for analysis.

See Hotfix PSE400W2K022 or Hotfix PSE400W2K3022 or their equivalents.

• Version 9.0.29244 of the ICA Client does not autocreate client printers. This version is an Early Adopter Program (EAP) / Tech Preview Client and is not supported with the Release to Manufacture Version (RTM) of Presentation Server 4.0

Default Printer Is Not Set Correctly in Sessions 

By default, the client’s default printer should be created as the default printer inside of the ICA session. A Presentation Server policy can be used to modify this behavior.

        Confirm the settings inside any Presentation Server Policies. Unlike other Policy types, Session Printer policies are cumulative, meaning all policies applied to a user will take effect. So printers set in two policies are created, but the default printer comes from the policy with the highest priority.

        If client autocreated printers are not being set as default correctly, check CTX106745 – Failed To Inherit Set as Default Printer Setting If a Client Device Has Several Printers and apply the appropriate hotfix.

        CTX107415 – Imported Network Printers Do Not Retain the Default Printer Setting

 Print Jobs Do Not Appear on the Client or are Garbled 

If printers are created successfully inside of a session, but when a job is sent to the printer it does not print:

        Ensure that the job is spooled on the server by pausing both the server and client side print queues. If the job enters the server queue, unpause it and note if the job reaches the client queue.

        Use perfmon on the server to monitor the “output – printing bandwidth” counter for the ICA session. This will determine if the print data is sent down the wire.

        Confirm that the client virus scanner is not interfering with the print job, per CTX106698 – Unable from Print from Presentation Server 4.0 with McAfee and ICA Client Version 9.0 or Later.

        Confirm the policy setting for print job routing under the client printers policy. Jobs routed directly to the print server should be treated like any other network printer defined on the server. Ensure that the network print server is accessible from the Presentation Server.

        CTX107427 – Published Adobe Acrobat and Lotus Notes Exhibit Garbled Printing

        CTX111463 – Presentation Server 4.0 Autocreated Printers Fail to Print

Advanced Troubleshooting 

If the above methods do not isolate the problem, the Citrix Diagnostic Facility can be used to trace print traffic and commands. The attached templates can be used to trace the correct modules (see the ZIP file). See CTX104578 – Using Citrix Diagnostic Facility and the Access Suite Console for Tracing for instructions on how to use the Citrix Diagnostic Facility.

 Other Troubleshooting Documents 

CTX089874 – Troubleshooting and Explaining the Citrix Universal Print Driver

CTX108763 – Changes to Printer Properties in the ICA 9.200 Client with Hotfixes PSE400R01W2K3033 and PSE400R01W2K037 and Later

CTX106812 – How to Create the Citrix Universal Printer

CTX106744 – Autocreated Printers Do Not Appear in the Published Application When Establishing Multiple Session IDs on One Server with the Same User Account

CTX106743 – Security Context of Auto-creation by Legacy Client Printers

CTX106746 – Print Status Is Switched to Offline While an Auto-created Printer Is Printing

CTX106629 – Client Printers Fail to Autocreate in Presentation Server 4.0

CTX106393 – Required Permissions and Rights for the Ctx_SmaUser Account

CTX107058 – Error: Print settings could not be saved, access is denied

CTX105158 – Troubleshooting Citrix ICA Printing – Quick Reference Guide

CTX108004 – How to Give Access Permission to Administrators to Manage Autocreated Printers

CTX111613 – After Migrating from Citrix MetaFrame XP to Citrix Presentation Server 4.0, Not All Policies for Printing are Created

CTX111150 – Printer-Related Policy Registry Values

CTX112159 – Client Printers are Autocreated at Session Reconnect After the Citrix Print Manager Service is Restarted Even Though Autocreation has been Disabled in a Policy

CTX112227 – Print Jobs from Published Applications Take an Abnormally Long Time to Finish in Windows Server 2003

Citrix Connection Test Tool

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I have used this tool a few times and I can highly recommend it


“Citrix Connection Test Tool” provides various connection methods for scalability test and other tests which require a number of sessions to be established. The tool enables testers to establish as many numbers of ICA sessions as they want by creating or duplicating session settings on Citrix Presentation Server Client.


• Citrix Presentation Server Client

• Visual Basic Runtime or manual registration of required modules

(Please read the attached document for more details.)

Using Citrix Connection Test Tool

Using “Citrix Connection Test Tool” helps those who want to run multiple connections test to Citrix Presentation Server. With this tool you can establish the desired amount of ICA sessions from one machine in effective way so that you can measure the scalability on your testing environment.

 Please read the attached document “Citrix Connection Test Tool” which describes how to use the tool.


Published applications over Remote Desktop Connection

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When user uses the published applications, and they try to connect over Remote Desktop, then they get an error message. “You don’t have access to logon to this Server”. At the moment only admin users can login.”  The users are member of “Remote Desktop Users” but this doesn’t helps.



Check on the RDP listener Advanced settings if the <Only launch published applications> is unchecked.