Nutanix 24,000-Mailbox Virtualized Exchange Server 2013 Mailbox

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Nutanix have published the industry’s first hyperconverged ESRP result – 24,000 mailboxes on a Nutanix NX-8150-based system based on the Microsoft Exchange Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP) – Storage program*.

*The ESRP – Storage program was developed by Microsoft Corporation to provide a common storage testing framework for vendors to provide information on its storage solutions for Microsoft Exchange Server software.

Here is information on the published Nutanix ESRP solution:

  • 24,000 mailboxes
  • 0.05 IOPS (0.06 IOPS tested for additional 20% headroom)
  • 1.0GB per mailbox
  • 6 Exchange Servers (3-node setup tested in a 4-node Nutanix cluster)
  • 4 databases per host with 2,000 users per database
  • Guest VMs running on Windows Server 2012 R2 on Nutanix (NOS 4.1.2)
  • Nutanix CVM to Hyper-V using SMB 3.0
  • Guest VMs using SCSI

24K Mailbox

Nutanix NX-8150 4 node cluster with Nutanix OS 4.1.2
Compute per node: E5-2690v2, 20 cores / 3.0 GHz with 256 GB of RAM o Raw storage:

Per node:
SSD: 3.2 TB (4x 800 GB)
HDD: 20 TB (20x 1 TB)

System (4-node per cluster,):
SSD: 12.8 TB (16x 800 GB)
HDD: 80 TB (80x 1 TB) o Networking:

Per node:
2x 10Gbps Ethernet ports with Jumbo Frames

System (using 4-node):
8x 10Gbps Ethernet ports with Jumbo Frames


Nutanix System Best Practices

This solution design follows these best practices:

  • The Nutanix cluster is configured in an N+1 manner for node level failover operations.
  • Three para-virtual SCSI (pvscsi) connections from theWindows 2012 R@ Hyper-V instance to controller virtual machine (CVM) are utilized.
  • The Exchange database and logs are placed in the same vdisk.
  • Nutanix replication factor of 2, plus two database copies provides resiliency with four total copies of the Exchange data.
  • NTFS file systems formatted at 64KB allocation size.



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