Citrix Validated Solutions for Nutanix

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Citrix created the Validated Solution (CVS) as a fully tested, end-to-end design that describes a complete solution for Citrix Hosted Virtual Desktops and Hosted Shared Desktops. Starting with a validated solution and using a structured delivery methodology can facilitate rapid deployment and eliminate the performance and sizing-related risks associated for both deploying persistent and non-persistent virtual desktops in pilot and production.

The hardware used for the CVS is Nutanix NX-3060 nodes, which consists of 20 core Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge CPU processors, 256GB RAM and a mix of SSD and HDD storage.

Two CVS for Nutanix were tested:

  • Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD) for up to 1,000 individual XenDesktop Hosted Virtual Desktops running Windows 7 Enterprise x64. Users can remotely connect to their own desktops from a pooled or dedicated group, depending on the deployment model used.
  • Hosted Shared Desktops (HSD) for up to 1,000 individual user sessions running XenDesktop Hosted Shared Desktops on Windows Server 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Session (RDS) Hosts. By using published desktops on the RDS hosts, users are presented with an interface similar to the Windows 7 look and feel, each running in a separate session.

Citrix CVS NX

The two configurations were extensively tested using the Login VSI Virtual Session Indexer (VSI), an industry standard tool for user / session benchmarking. The “medium” VSI workload setting, simulating the average office worker during normal activities, was used for testing with excellent results.

Learn more about the Citrix Validated Solution Technical Summary for the CVS for Nutanix.


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