Playing with VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist

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VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist allows you to monitor the virtual machines you care about in your vSphere infrastructure remotely on your phone. Discover diagnostic information about any alerts on your VMs using VMware Knowledge Base Articles and the web. Remediate problems from your phone by using power operations or delegate the problem to someone on your team back at the datacenter.


Setting up the vSphere Mobile Watchlist is very quick and consists of these easy steps:

Download vSphere Mobile Watchlist from the Apple App Store or Google Play store

iTunes App Store:

Google Play:  


Start up vSphere Mobile Watchlist on your smartphone device


Log into your vCenter server. Access to your vSphere infrastructure may need a secure network method like VPN.

Add VMs from your vCenter to the vSphere Mobile Watchlist application.



  • Go to a watchlist and tap on the ‘+’ button
  • You will be presented with all the VMs in the vCenter inventory.
  • Tap VMs to add/remove them from Watchlist



If you want to organize the VMs you watch even more, you can add more watchlists.

  1. From the VM list, tap ‘ Watchlist’ at the top of the screen, to display a list of watch lists.
  2. Tap ‘Edit’ to add a new watchlist and give it a name.
  3. Tap the new watchlist, to return to an empty VM list.

Once you’ve created multiple watchlists, you can jump between watchlists at anytime by tapping the ‘▸’ next to the watchlist name at the top of the screen. Here you can also rename and remove existing watchlists as well.

Get to the console of the VM:



Power off, Suspend, Reset, and Shutdown tasks:




It is great experience and this app is very light and smooth. Highly recommended!!!
Enjoy it!! 

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