Create a Custom Report in vCenter Operations

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One of my colleagues asked me how to create custom reports in vCenter Operations. He need just a simple report but not provided in available reports (standard) in vCenter Reports. What he needs only CPU Usage Workload (%) for all virtual machines (more than 400 virtual machines), 2 column only, virtual machines name and CPU Usage Workload (%).

So, here is the step:

Open vCenter Operation Custom


Create a New Tabs


Now I choice on of the Templates – Resources. Click and Drag to another column.


Fill in the Tab Name. Click OK.


We see the default reports, let’s custom it. Click a red cycle for edit the widget.


Now you see another window, click “Add/Remove” like in the red cycle.


Choice “Virtual Machine” in Resource Kinds and then “CPU Usage” in Metric Selector.


In Metric Selector, choice “Usage (%)”. Double click on it then Save.


Or, before you save, maybe you need to filter the data. I need only for Power On Virtual Machines. I click “VM Entity Status”, then choice “PowerOn: all”. After that Save the widget.


Now you see another new column created. The last step I need to hide “Health and ID” column. Click the button in red cycle, choice “Columns” then uncheck the ID and Health.


Done. You can export your reports.



One thought on “Create a Custom Report in vCenter Operations

    Ricco said:
    January 9, 2015 at 10:30 pm

    you left out the process to “export” to a report.

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