Physical Server – DR to the Cloud

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One of my customer asked is it possible for their physical server backup or DR to the Cloud?

I said yes, it is possible.

Option 1:

I will use quantum appliances in both sites, customer DC and my Cloud. The agent need to install in each of physical server and do an image copy to quantum in customer site. Then that quantum will be sync to another quantum in my Cloud. Once swing over, then we just convert from image to VM then Power on the VM. But this option have some disadvantage like RPO/RTO, Failback Scenario, etc.


Option 2:

Backup/DR in Application level. For example MS-SQL application. It will use the Log Shipping features. We will create virtual machines and installed MS-SQL then configure Log Shipping from Physical Server (Customer Site) to my Cloud.

Same scenario for Oracle (DAG) or Exchange Server (DAG). This option only for application who have replication features. For legacy application, we can use option 1 or other backup solution like Zerto, Veeam, DoubleTake, CommVault, etc.

In summary, everything can be put on the Cloud (As long as x86 platform) J J J.

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