Configure VMware SRM5 with EMC Clariion Storage

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I have some issue when I was configured SRM5 SRA for EMC Clariion storage devices with MirrorView Replication.  On the VMware SRM download page I noticed that SRA for MirrorView is not available. In this post I will show you the files required and steps taken to get this up and running.

We have two vCenter 5 servers (Prod and DR), I had already installed SRM 5 on top of Windows 2008R2 Std. The storage is EMC Clariion CX4-120 with asynchronous replication provided by Mirrorview.


  1. Navisphere CLI –> From EMC Powerlink (EMC Website)
  2. EMC VNX Storage Replication Adapter –> SRM download section
  3. EMC MirrorView Enabler for VNX SRA 5.0.17 –> From EMC Powerlink

1. Install NaviSphere CLI first.

2. Install VNX SRA.

3. Install MirrorView Adapter.

4. Open SRM in vSphere Client, click on “Array Manager” and click on “Add Array Manager”.

5. Then input IP Management (SP-A) and SP-B.

6. Done, you will see the “success” message.


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