ESX: Install Windows XP on ESX

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For Bus Logic Driver:

  1. Download .flp file from VMware site:
  2. Create a new Windows XP Virtual Machines
  3. Set the BusConfiguration within the Server Configuration to use BusLogic instead of Default
  4. Attach the Windows XP Volume-license iso media and floppy file to the server configuration
  5. Startup the Application Configuration
  6. Within the VI client attach the flp file found in your local folder. Select “Use existing floppy in datastore” and enter the following: /vmimages/floppies/vmscsi-

    Insure power is on and connect for the floppy. 
  7. Restart the machine while Consoled into the box
  8. Select ESC on startup and Select CD-ROM Device on the Boot Menu
  9. During the OS install select F6 in order to use of a 3rd party VMware scsi driver found on the A: Drive (floppy drive).
    This will allow the OS to see the Hard drive for installation.
  10. Push “S” to select “S=Specify Additional Device”
  11. Push “Enter” to select “VMware SCSI Controller”
  12. Install OS

For LSI Logic Driver:

Donload driver at and search for a driver for the LSI20320-R controller.  Extract all files in the symmpi_wXP_1201800.ZIP. Use a program such as WinImage to create an LSILogic.flp


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