Comparison VMware ESX and MS Hyper-V

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Saat ini banyak vendor yang bermain di Virtualization, antara lain:


Dibawah ini saya hanya ambil summary comparison Hyper-V dan VMware.

  VMware Microsoft
Product Name VI3 Enterprise Windows 2008 Hyper-V
Virtualization model HW virtualization HW virtualization
Cost $1000-5750 (2 CPU version) Free, but still got to buy Windows 2008
Primary Usage Production Testing & Development
Required OS Infra v3: bare metal Windows 2008 x64
Scalability (# of virtual environments per system) High N.A.
Virtual Disk format VMDK format VHD format
Max # CPU’s 32 logical processors 16 logical processors
Max Memory 128GB 2TB
Memory Resource Management (QoS) Yes No
32-bit Guests require AMD-V or Intel-VT No Yes
64-bit Guests require AMD-V or Intel-VT Intel CPU’s only Yes
Supported Guest OS Windows NT, 2000, 2003, 2008-B1, XP, Vista Windows 2008, 2003
Red Hat Linux Adv. Server 7/8/9 SUSE Linux Ent 10 SP1
SUSE Linux Ent 8/9/10  
FreeBSD, Netware 5/6, Ubuntu
Solaris 10 for x86
Web Based Console Yes No
Peformance Higher Slower
Host Live Migration Yes No
Storage Live Migration Yes No
Intelligent Live Migration Yes No
HA Yes Yes
VM support SCSI disk Boot Yes No
Special HW Requirement Require supported SCSI/SATA Controllers x64 based processor and HW data execution protection (intel VT or AMD-V) is a must

Pilihan tetap di tangan anda 🙂



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