Citrix: How To Speed Up The Logon And Log Off Process (Part 1)

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1.       If you have a large farm (Roughly 50 servers plus) then have a dedicated data collector. This will speed up the connection process and show you the login screen.

2.       If you use roaming profiles you need to check two things. Firstly how big is the profile, The bigger the profile the longer it will take to download. Also how many files are there, there should ideally be no more than 400 files. If you have lots of files this will also increase the log on time as the virus scanner needs to scan each file as it is loaded onto the server.

3.       On the client device disable the following if you don’t use them. Audio, Com port mapping, LPT ports, Printer

4.       Load up presentation server console, edit the published application. Click on “Client Options” and make sure the box is ticked for “Start this application without waiting for printers to be created”

5.       Create a simple load evaluator. Put as little evaluators as you can. I use just “server user load” A lot of people say you should also include “CPU Utlilzation” “ Memory Usage” “Page Swaps” But the more evaluators you put in the more the server has to process.

6.       Citrix policy’s can also be configured to speed up the login process. The first thing you can do is click on printing > Client printers > Auto-Creation, make sure “Auto-Create the clients default printer only” is selected.

Always install the latest print driver onto the server. If you have a HP printer go to and see if your printer is supported and also what driver version you need as a minimum.

7.       Load Citrix Connection Configuration. Edit the ICA protocol and click on client settings. Disable as many client mappings as you can. Don’t disable them in the citrix policy.

8.       Try to configure as little as you can in the citrix policy, The more you configure the more information needs to be processed at log on.

9.       Download and run “Autoruns” from SysInternals this nice program will show you everything on your server that runs when you log on.


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