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Yesterday I meet with Microsoft Team to discussed Licensing. They presented about EA (Enterprise Agreement). The benefits is good, the biggest advantages I saw is:

a.       Umbrella Licenses, it’s mean if you have a lot of company in one group, the licenses will covered all company or affiliates.

b.      Term of payment, you can pay the license in 3 year.

c.       Home use licenses, you will get a free of licenses to install Office in your home.

Others like maintenance, training, etc. I don’t think need it at this time.

The most waiting presentation is the COST…

I was surprised, when they presented with simulation data (250 PC + Office), I need to pay $400K in 3 year with EA Agreement!!!!!  Can you imagine this???

Let say if I buy only OEM or GGK for OS, 250 PC x $150 = $37,5K (Assumed, I don’t need Software Assurance or Technical Support even MS-Office), you can see what we can save the cost?

Currently, we starting to legalize all application we used, but again we need think twice what Microsoft or other vendor offered. Choose what the best for your company, If you don’t need EA Agreement because a lot of benefit we not use (like core CAL, etc) so OEM or GGK is enough.

OR Thin Client will be the best solution???

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