IBM System X 3650 & Citrix CPS 4.0

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Couple month ago when I implement CPS 4.0 in Pontianak, I have a serious problem with CPS 4.0, The CPS always hang without any error log in event viewer. I have removed all resources on that server like roaming profiles, redirection folder, Citrix Licensing Server, and Trend Micro Management Console. But no resolved. The Server always Hang. Even I tried to re-install all application but still no resolved.

Wired!! I have 3 Server with same spec for IBM System x 3650 (Dual Processor, 4GB RAM, 3x73GB HDD, RAID 8K, Redundant PS) but only 1 server have a problem. FYI, 3 Server is Citrix Load Balancing. I have updated the latest driver & firmware for RAID Controller, Gigabit NIC, and BIOS but no resolved. Also I do some testing using IBM tools like DSA & Dump Log, IBM PC Doctors – the result is no error found!!  Finally, I called IBM Dispatcher to report this problem and re-sent the Server to Jakarta.

You know what IBM does: They change almost 80% components. Mainboard, HDD, Raid Controller, & Backplane HDD all replace with new components.

Now the IBM Server & Citrix back to normal.


When you face a problem without any error log or clues, you better call or discuss with expertise.

One thought on “IBM System X 3650 & Citrix CPS 4.0

    jwwt said:
    July 10, 2007 at 1:30 am

    Good Effort..maju terus pantang mundur..
    Nambah ilmu baru dong..hehehe bagus..bagus…

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