Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 – What’s New

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Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 – What’s New


1.       Application Streaming to desktops

Use application streaming to centralize management of desktop applications, and isolate and stream them to users without worrying about application and system conflicts. By adding streaming to the existing application virtualization capabilities, Presentation Server dynamically selects the best application delivery method for the user, the application, the device or the network. You have the flexibility to stream applications to mobile users who need the local CPU resources, require local peripherals or work offline. Or, for maximum control and security, virtualize applications that access confidential data and keep everything in the data center.


2.       Application Performance Monitoring for visibility into the access experience

Powered by Citrix EdgeSight™ software, the monitoring capabilities in Presentation Server enable IT to quickly pinpoint and troubleshoot server, network and application programming issues that impact the user experience. 


3.       Application Hub for instant application delivery

Centrally store isolated applications that you want to deliver to users through either virtualization or streaming. Rapidly provision applications and updates to Presentation Server farms without disrupting users or causing application or system conflicts. This feature greatly simplifies delivery and maintenance of applications across any size Presentation Server farm.


4.       SmartAccess for access security and control

Powered by the Citrix Access Gateway product line of SSL VPN appliances, the new secure gateway solution provides SmartAccess™ granular access control policies and integrated endpoint analysis.


5.       Single Sign-On for strongest application security

Secure application logons with single sign-on, powered by Citrix Password Manager. With automated application logons, password policy control, and self-service password reset, you can enhance the security of all password-protected Windows applications delivered by Presentation Server.


6.       Health Assistant for enhanced reliability

Strengthen system resiliency with Health Assistant capabilities that perform continuous server health checks and automatically initiate recovery procedures, minimizing the need for administrator intervention.


7.       Increased server performance for maximum return on IT investment

Imagine getting 500 users per server— dramatically reducing your hardware acquisition costs, electricity and cooling costs, and management and maintenance. Presentation Server includes CPU management and virtual memory optimization and leverages the 64-bit platform to get the maximum number of users on every server.


8.       Improved user experience and faster graphics performance

Dramatically reduce network bandwidth costs and improve the performance of graphics-intensive applications with new SpeedScreen™ Progressive Display technology. IT can now centrally manage applications such as healthcare PACS (picture archiving and communication systems) and GIS mapping applications, while providing the speed and anywhere-access flexibility that users need.


9.       Configuration Logging for change tracking and reporting

Inadvertent or malicious changes to Presentation Server could impact your ability to meet SLAs and put your organization at risk of falling out of compliance with industry, federal, and interal policies and regulations. Configuration logging now captures changes made to the server farm and lets you report on changes made, by whom, to what, and when.


10.   Many other new features and functions

We added more than 100 features in Presentation Server 4.5. Download the comparative feature matrix for a detailed list of features that have been added since Presentation Server 4.0.



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