Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 – What’s New; Review

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Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 – What’s New;  Review


In my mind, PS 4.5 has several new features—some of which are really cool—but none of which are architecturally significant or game changing. As an admin familiar with PS 4, you can “upgrade” your knowledge to 4.5 after poking around the admin consoles for about 30 minutes. All of the stuff—farms, data stores, zones, data collectors, application publishing—is identical in PS 4.5 as it was back in 4.0.


With CPS 4.5 the set of new features which are really cool:

1.       Application Streaming

Learn more:’t/

2.       SpeedScreen™ Progressive Display

Significantly improves the performance of Web applications, Flash playback, and video through various caching and image compression techniques. This feature only support for 2D Graphical.


CPS 4.5 is just a minor update to Presentation Server. There are several components that only received minor updates:

1.       Printing (Same engine as PS 4, but of course with all the hotfixes “built in.” There are some new policy items that mostly refine how client printer settings work.)

2.       Licensing (No changes that I’ve found, except that the graphical FlexLM configuration exe has been removed from the LS folder. You can just use the one from PS 4 or any lother FlexLM installation.)

3.       Policies (Several new policy items, but everything else is the same.)

4.       Resource Manager (You can apply templates to servers to make them easier to configure.)

5.       Installation Manager (You can install applications into Isolation Environments with IM.)


If you are not going to use the streaming component not much convincing enhancements have been made to upgrade to this version. Also still a disadvantage is that almost all new features are only available in the Enterprise edition.



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